Change your University Password:
Change your password for any of the University’s core systems by visiting PUaccess

Good password practices:

  • Use different ID and password combinations for different websites
  • Avoid sharing passwords
  • Change your password regularly
  • Avoid writing passwords down, but if you must, mask it, keep the piece of paper in a safe place and do not include related data, such as your username or the site name.
  • Commercially available password management software can keep your passwords in an encrypted, password-protected file. Some products can save the file in the “cloud” allowing users to share passwords among multiple computing and mobile devices. Check with a member of your department’s technology support team to ensure the quality of the product.

Password Managers:
Password managers are applications that securely store all your usernames and password.  Princeton University users are eligible to use LastPass Premium edition at no cost.

LastPass can be installed as a browser add-on in your favorite browser.  Also, LastPass supports mobile devices (IOS, Android) as well.  You could install the Password Manager app on all your devices and have quick, secure and easy access to all your usernames and passwords.