Network Registration

All faculty, staff and students at Princeton are strongly encouraged to use eduroam for wireless network access. To use eduroam, you must be able to connect using a netID and password. Please visit for more information. Use the forms below to: ●Register a device for wired network access ●Register a device which cannot connect to eduroam, including video streaming, gaming systems and other devices with limited login options ●Modify a network registration for a wired or wireless (servicenet) device ●Delete a network registration for a wired or wireless (servicenet) device

Network Registration

Network Record – Register

Register devices for wired network access or wireless access on servicenet for eduroam ineligible devices

Network Record – Modify

Use this form to modify an active network registration for a wired or wireless (servicenet) device

Network Record – Delete

Use this form to delete a network registration for a wired or wireless (servicenet) device

KB0011668 – Network Registration Knowledge Articles

Network Record – Bulk Registration

Network Record – Bulk Registration

Network Record – Bulk Modification

Network Record – Bulk Modification

Network Record – Bulk Delete

Network Record – Bulk Delete

Should I use Eduroam or PUVisitor?

  • Visitors, Guests, or Alumni may connect to wireless via puvisitor.  You will be asked to register your device to connect.
  • Visitors or Guests from other institutions may use Eduroam, if their institution participates in Eduroam network.  
  • Princeton faculty, students and staff should use Eduroam as their primary wireless network.  

I am Princeton Faculty, Student or Staff

All faculty, staff and students should connect their devices to eduroam as their primary wireless network. You may also use eduroam when you visit other institutions.  

Refer to: Connect to Eduroam Wireless

I am an Alumni, Visitor or Guest

Alumni, visitors and guests may connect to wireless via puvisitor. When you attempt to connect, you will be directed to a registration portal.  All visitors are required to register using a valid email address or cell phone number. Once you log into the portal, you may use puvisitor for 13 months.


  1. Enter your name. Your mobile phone number is optional.
  2. Enter a  valid email address. We will send your password to this email address.
  3. Read and accept the terms of use. 

I am Visiting from another Institution

If you are a visitor or guest from another institution, and your institution is in the eduroam network, connect using eduroam.

Note: For best results, you should have first authenticated to eduroam at your home institution prior to visiting Princeton.


Before leaving your home institution:

  1. Configure your device use eduroam. This will be helpful in case you require assistance from your home institution’s IT support.

Upon arrival at Princeton:

  1. Select eduroam from your device’s available wifi networks
  2. Your device should authenticate to eduroam seamlessly.

I Live on Campus (Residential)

If you are living on campus, follow these instructions for connecting residential devices to wireless.

Connect to Wireless Network: Residential

I want to Print and Hang a Quick Reference Card

For Faculty/ Staff

Connect to Wireless Printable Reference for Faculty, Staff, Students

About Eduroam

Princeton University is a participant in the international eduroam network access service. This service allows members from participating institutions to gain instant and secure access to the eduroam wireless network using credentials from a participating home institution.

If you are eduroam-enabled and you have authenticated at your home institution, the eduroam wireless connectivity at Princeton is seamless and invisible to you. For Princeton faculty, staff and students, you can travel the world and use eduroam for wireless connectivity at all eduroam participating partners.